Your names are DAVE STRIDER and JOHN EGBERT respectively. You both met after a little incident that involves ACCIDENTALLY FALLING OFF A ROOF and have been friends ever since. And did you forget to mention that JOHN is actually the WIND itself?
Pets: A Nakodile (MIA)
((Independant AU Ask/RP blog for Dave and John))


    About Mun

    Name: Kiara

    Personal account: insanematryoshka (not logged into as often since starting this blog)

    Age: Older than twelve but younger than twenty.

    Birthday: August 20

    Nickname(s): Feli

    Reason for nickname(s): Feli is short Felicitas which I used as a screen name on a website based on the Dollars from DURARARA!! It also happened to coincide with my later RPing as Italy Veneziano, or Feliciano Vargas.

    Roleplay character(s): John Egbert and Dave Strider (duh)

    Roleplaying History: I originally started roleplaying in middle school, commonly referred to as the weeaboo days, in a BLEACH forum on Gaia Online and other miscellaneous RPs. After a while I gained enough confidence to use paragraph style. Eventually I found out about that Dollars website and went on there for a while. There I met my friends Shaddy and Dei. For a while we had fun there until Dei decided to make a Hetalia Roleplaying group on deviantArt. I then started roleplaying as North Italy, making my Feli nickname really stick, and met tons of great people. Unfortunately the group died once school picked up but most of us still talk on Skype.

    Past Roleplay Characters: BLEACH OC, miscellaneous OCs, Italy Veneziano, America (briefly), Canada (briefly), Izaya Orihara, Celty, Weeaboo!England (briefly and I don't regret it), and others.

    Plans for future Roleplay characters: I'm considering doing a Trickster blog later on but based on my personal headcanons.

    RPing preferences/prompts: Regular, character development, angst (depends), or just plain silly ones. Can't seem to do smut despite reading it /)(v//u//v)(\

    Typing style: Paragraph and script.

    Advice to RP with me: Just go ahead and send me an ask or PM saying you want to rp. I'm more than willing to even though I'm an awkward turtle at socializing. Don't be scared to bother me about a reply if I forget.

    Anything else: I'm a multishipper but because I enjoy teasing you JohnDave lovers about their relationship, they might end up dating others before actually hooking up. I'm not sure if I'll actually do that though.

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